Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum Brings Affordable Lidar

Viomi V3 Max weights 4.5GK and comes with a 5200 mAh battery. It measures 355x105mm and has a rated power of 35W. It comes in black and white color. It comes with app support that allows the device to be scheduled and programmed.Shop Now:

Cleaner Than Ever with3-IN-1 Sweep, Mop & Vacuum

One of the main features of the Viomi V3 Max is 3-IN-1 Sweep, Mop & Vacuum. Viomi V3 Max robot vacuum can thoroughly remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair, and footprints on different kinds of flooring. It also comes with an exclusive feature called Y-pattern mopping that mimics in-depth manual cleaning.

Due to the deep cleaning algorithm exclusive to Viomi called Y-mopping, the robot vacuum cleaner mimics the manual way of mopping with 97.5% of cleaning efficiency. It can also deal with stubborn stains that can be handled with the upgraded soft & hard fiber stripped mops.

Alongside the premier vacuuming and mopping experience, emptying dust is now easier than ever. V3 Max’s dust bin door will flip over to empty the dirt with a single click of a button.

Viomi V3 Max comes with a 2-in-1 Dust Box and Water Tank(400ml+200ml), thus Viomi V3 Max is designed to do sweeping and mopping simultaneously and still achieve great results.

There is also an optional 700ml super-sized water tank specially designed for the mopping of larger spaces. It is enough to clean a 65 square meter (700sqft) apartment more than 3-times or a 200 square meter (2600 sqft) home in one pass. The device is equipped with a brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump, commonly used in hospital IV drips. The ultra-precise peristaltic pump is testedfor over 1500 hours of use. Your job is to schedule the mop and leave everything to the device.

Smarter with High-end 360° LIDAR Mapping & Navigation Tech

One Viomi V3 Max highlights is the 360° LDS Laser Scanning & Mapping powered by a lidar sensor. This sensor standard in the automotive industry that ensures excellent precision of the moving vehicle has made its way into the robot vacuum industry. It ensures excellent navigation and precision of various complex environments. The feature is called 360° LDS Laser Scanning & Mapping.

Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum Brings Affordable Lidar

Powered by sophisticated lidar navigation, the robot vacuum cleaner perceives various complex environments, learns the layout of your home, creates and saves smart maps, empowering higher accuracy & faster mapping.It also comes with 24 types of additional intelligent sensors, including infrared-sensor and drop-sensing tech, to avoid obstacles and prevent falls.

Map 2.0 System Customized Cleaning Plan is another new addition to the device. The brand-new Map 2.0 program can store the maps of 5 floors, meeting the cleaning needs of larger houses. You can also divide, merge, or name the zones on the map and assign separate cleaning areas.

Viomi V3 Max comes with an Improved AI Core algorithm designed that the device can never lose its way. A35 quad-core processor powers the device with robust computing performance, coupled with the SLAM algorithm. The SoC can quickly process sensor information and adjust the path in real-time, achieving precise cleaning without collision or getting stuck.

Ever-evolving User Experience

The one-button dust removal feature is self-explanatory. All you need to do is to press a single button to remove the dust. With a single button click, the dust bin door will flip over and empty the dirt. Keep your hands clean from a fast and touch-free dumping.

The device is quieter than ever and with no performance compromise. It comes with 2700 Pa suction power. The robot vacuum is designed to operate on hard or soft floors with powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave. Its operation is fairly quiet, with a noise level of 57dB in quiet mode.

The device also works with MiHome App, as well as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Viomi is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem company, and Viomi’s products can be fully controlled by MiHome App (Mijia). One can schedule cleaning anytime and anywhere via customized settings. It is possible to select Cleaning in Orders, Pointed Cleaning, Virtual Walls, No-Go zone, or Make an appointment for cleaning and design. Moreover, the status of the consumables will keep you updated for in-time replacement and maintenance.

Voice commands are available with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Better Just Got Best

The device comes with auto boost mode for carpet cleaning. The smart Carpet Boost tech allows the suction power to be automatically boosted, removing dirt from carpets and cracks in the floor.

With a 5200mAh battery capacity, Viomi V3 Max can clean 3000 square feet area (279 square meters) in one cleaning session and have a 300 Min runtime under ‘Quiet Mode.’ Once the device gets its battery depleted, it will automatically dock for charging & resume where it left after getting recharged.

The vacuum also comes with solid obstacle climbing capability.It has a 2 cm obstacle climbing capability ensuring that it can climb over thicker carpets or other uneven surfaces.

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