Why choose robotic pool cleaners?

When you have a pool, you have something to clean all your life. A robotic pool cleaner makes pool ownership less of a worry since you have a tool to help you clean the pool in less time and hassle.

Advantages of using robotic pool cleaners over other typesRobotic Pool Cleaners (RPC or pool bots) offer the most convenient way of maintaining your pool’s cleanliness. It has various features that make it an intelligent version of all the pool cleaning tools combined.

Because it’s automatic, it can work on its own without the need for your constant assistance. Using a bot is like having a reliable side-kick that does the cleaning while you’re busy doing something else. To understand why an RPC is better than other pool cleaners, let’s distinguish it from the other two.

Pressure pool cleanerTrue to its name, a pressure side pool cleaner uses the pool’s main pump to generate pressure that the device needs to move around the pool.

As the water jet gushes through the pressure pool cleaner, it powers the device’s hydraulics system, which allows the machine to move its wheels. As it progresses, it loosens up and sucks the contaminants.

This cleaner relies heavily on high-pressure water flow to operate. If your pump isn’t powerful enough, you may need to buy a booster pump to create stronger pressure.



Suction-side pool cleanerThis type of pool cleaner is well-suited for small to medium-sized pools. A suction-side cleaner is connected to the suction-side part of the pool’s filter.

Why choose robotic pool cleaners?

When you use the device, it vacuums the dirt and directs it into the skimmer and through the pool filter. The suction-side cleaner needs the pool’s pump and filter system to run.

This device doesn’t clean as well as the other two types of pool cleaners. If you’re on a budget and just need a basic cleaner, a suction-side pool cleaner is a good fit.



Robotic pool cleaners

A robotic pool cleaner is absolutely better than the first two in many ways. Firstly, this type is designed to work in all kinds of pools. It is loaded with a variety of features to perform better and make cleaning easier.

Unlike the first two types, RPC is powered by electricity, not water pressure. Although it costs you more for the upfront fee when you buy the product, it doesn’t cost much to run.

The price range of a premier robotic pool cleaner is over $1,000. The tag price corresponds to the type and number of features the item has, user-friendliness, durability, and so much more. The rule of thumb in pricing is that the higher the price is, the better the quality becomes.

Of course, that’s not always the case, so you need to be familiar with what robotic pool cleaners are worth your money. Based on the reviews, the Dolphin robot is the finest vacuum for pools according to cleanup expert.


To simplify the use of a robot, you can download an app that is compatible with the machine. Once the app is downloaded, you can use it to “talk” to the device and issue basic commands like start, stop, or pause. You also use it to track the cleaning progress of the robot. As long as your mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi, programming the bot is just a few clicks away.

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