www.makeuseof.com Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum Review: Is It the Best Budget LIDAR Robot Vacuum of 2021?

These days, everyone seems to be busy. Between juggling a career, kids, home life, and outside activities, there just isn’t enough time to do everything. That includes cleaning the house.

Unfortunately, however, dust, dirt, and pet hair don’t take vacations.

To solve their cleaning issue, many smart homeowners are turning to robotic vacuum cleaners. You can put these cleaners on a schedule to vacuum, sweep, and mop while you go about your day. Most are controllable via a smartphone, and you can even activate some models by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Viomi’s new V3 Max Robot Vacuum cleaner is one such device. It offers excellent suction, a 3-in-1 mopping/sweeping/vacuum function, and customizable control—all for the budget-friendly price of $499.

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Key Features of the Viomi V3 Max

Three main features make this vacuum better than its competitors.

3-in-1 Cleaning

First up is the 3-in-1 cleaning feature. The V3 Max can sweep, vacuum, and mop... all at the same time.

Combining these processes means that instead of dragging out the mop bucket, the broom, and the upright vac, you can just let the V3 Max do the work for you. That means more time to do the things you love instead of cleaning.


The V3 Max is also capable of mopping. It uses an exclusive deep cleaning algorithm to mimic manual mopping. The algorithm allows the robot to achieve 97.5 percent cleaning coverage in most cases. The unit also comes with both soft and hard fiber mopping strips—just like many commercial mops. With these strips, stubborn stains don’t stand a chance.

The mopping function also offers precise electronic water control. This feature means that the V3 Max can mop without leaking water everywhere. Additionally, Viomi makes a 700 ml water tank that can be purchased and used for cleaning larger areas.

Smart Laser Navigation

The Viomi V3 Max uses 360-degree LIDAR navigation to map out complex environments. So while it’s cleaning, it’s also learning your home layout. Inside the unit are 24 intelligent sensors that can do everything from avoiding obstacles to detecting drops.

Viomi’s proprietary Map 2.0 system allows for customized cleaning and can store the maps of up to five floors. That means if you have a larger home, this vacuum is up to the task.

Included here is the ability to set virtual walls and no-go zones to avoid areas you don’t want the vacuum to clean. You can also select individual rooms or areas for spot cleaning using the Mi Home app.

Both an improved AI-core algorithm and A35 Quad-core processor power these intelligent features. Additionally, a SLAM algorithm processes information to adjust for obstacles in real-time. That means the V3 Max won’t get stuck or knock into all your expensive furniture.

Upgraded User Experience

The third key feature here is the upgraded user experience. Viomi has built several additional features into the V3 Max designed to make using it a breeze.

www.makeuseof.com Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum Review: Is It the Best Budget LIDAR Robot Vacuum of 2021?

It’s quieter than ever, and when in Quiet mode, it doesn’t exceed 57 dB. That’s about the same level of noise as a light rainstorm. If you have young children who nap during the day, you’ll appreciate this feature.

The V3 Max can also increase suction up to 2700 Pascal, which means that dirt and debris won’t hide, even in thick carpets.

When vacuuming is complete, the single-button dustbin will allow you to empty the vac without getting your hands dirty. It’s fun to stand over the trash can, press the button, and watch all that dirt fall effortlessly where it belongs.

This upgraded user experience also includes easy smart control. The Mi Home app is the best way to control the V3 Max, but you can also use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa if you’d prefer the futuristic feel of voice activation.

Battery Life

The 5200 mAh battery on this unit can clean up to 3000 square feet on a single charge, and if the unit is running low, it will automatically dock and resume cleaning where it left off.The V3 Max can also auto-detect carpets, and it’ll automatically boost the suction to 2700 Pascal when it does.

Finally, the 2 cm Obstacle Climbing Capability allows this unit to scale obstacles up to 2 cm in height, or .78 inches. That means thresholds and thick carpeting is no problem for this robotic vacuum.

The Mi Home App

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As noted previously, the Mi Home App is the primary way of controlling the V3 Max. With the app, you can set cleaning schedules (called appointments), choose specific areas to clean, establish no-go zones or virtual walls, and monitor your consumables.

You can also use the app to change suction levels from quiet to Max, change modes on the fly, and increase or decrease the water volume used for mopping. Additionally, battery life, area cleaned, and running time is available at a glance.

The Mi Home app is easy to use, and setting the vac up took hardly any time. For me, however, I found that it was even easier to ask Alexa to start the vacuum.

Download: Mi Home App for iOS | Android (free)

So, What’s Good About the V3 Max?

It’s easy to empty, and it does an excellent job of picking up pet hair. My house is also home to four pets, and that means there’s always hair on our floors. I can set the V3 Max up to run once or twice a day, and it’ll keep that hair and those dust bunnies to a minimum.

Likewise, I also like the auto-boost function over carpets. We have a few area rugs in our home, and it’s nice to know that the V3 Max will automatically detect these carpets and clean them and the hardwood floors.

Finally, it’s fantastic to use Alexa and Google home to control the vacuum. With that function and the app, I can start the vacuum from anywhere. So if I’m running errands and find out that my friends are coming over unexpectedly, I can make sure the house is clean before they arrive.

What’s Not to Love?

For me, the only trouble I had was obstacle detection. We have a large water bowl that we keep on the floor for my pets, and I found that the V3 Max is prone to knocking into that bowl and spilling water on the floor. To avoid this issue, I set up a no-go zone around the water dish.

I also found that the vacuum didn't always detect large objects, like shoes, for example. I dropped one of my Reeboks in front of the V3 Max a few times to see if it would avoid the shoe. Unfortunately, it just kind of pushed it around a bit.

While this issue may sound concerning to some, almost every robotic vacuum I’ve tried has had slight obstacle detection trouble. That’s not so much a fault of the unit as it is of the technology. At this point, even the most intelligent vacuum sensors just aren’t advanced enough to avoid every obstacle.

That means, like routine vacuuming, you should pick up larger items off the floor before using the V3 Max.

Is the Viomi V3 Max for You?

For most households without a robot vacuum, the V3 Max will be great for day-to-day and maintenance use. It’s relatively inexpensive at $499, and it’s packed with many of the features of a quality robot vacuum. If you’re in the market for a sub-$500 unit, you should certainly consider this one.

Using it has been an excellent experience, and despite its minor flaws, it’s a solid unit overall. While it might not be perfect, it is a phenomenal vacuum for the price.

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