yeedi vac is a Super Affordable Robot Vacuum with all of the Latest Features and the Best Price

In 2019, the company yeedi was founded with a mission to provide affordable robot vacuums while implementing all of the newest technology. They’ve created several different models since their launch, with their newest yeedi vac being the most notable. At the low price of only $299.99, this vacuum packs in the same features that you’ll find in models that are twice as expensive. This smart robot vacuum can be managed through the powerful companion app to set no-go zones, map out your home, schedule cleanings, and more. Let’s take a look at a brief overview of some of the best features of the yeedi vac.


Specially Designed for Carpets

Nothing beats coming home to clean carpets and fresh vacuums lines. The yeedi vac is specifically designed for effective automated carpet cleaning. Using a carpet detection sensor, the robot is able to know how much suction is needed for different types of carpet surfaces. When the vacuum senses thicker carpets, it will boost the suction power to make sure you get the deepest clean possible. The total suction power that this vacuum can achieve is 3,000Pa, which is industry-leading.

Floor Mapping with SLAM Technology

Despite the fact that this vacuum comes with such a low price tag, you’ll still have the latest SLAM technology included. This uses a combination of sensors to map out your home like a GPS. Your robot will be able to remember all of your different rooms and surfaces. Once the robot has created a detailed map of your home, you can make adjustments to room boundaries and no-go zones.

yeedi vac is a Super Affordable Robot Vacuum with all of the Latest Features and the Best Price

Use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home with voice command integration, to tell your vacuum to start cleaning. You can even ask it to clean a specific room at a specific time. If you’re away and want to come home to clean floors, you can tell your vacuum to begin cleaning while you’re out.

Add-ons for Docking Station and Mop

To make the vacuum as affordable as possible, yeedi saved the extra features like the mop and docking station as add-ons. With this setup, you’ll save money by only getting the features that you need for your floor. If you have hardwood or tile floors, the mop add-on can help you keep them clean with the internal water tank. The docking station add-on acts as a dust collection feature as well. When your robot docks, it will begin to collect the gathered dust and store it in a separate vacuum bag. This means you’ll never have to empty out your robot vacuum in between cleaning sessions.


The yeedi vac is the perfect way to invest in an entry-level robot vacuum setup, with all of the technology needed to expand. Right now you can save money on your purchase using the promotion code below. Get started with the links below, and put together your new automated floor-cleaning system.

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List Price:$299.99Deal price:$209.99Deal date:01/17/2022 – 01/23/2022

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